Dolphin Encounter & Manatee Tours

Naples FL Dolphin Tours

Dolphin & Manatee Tours in Naples and Fort Myers Beach Florida

Dolphin Encounter Tours are voted number one by our guests. Naples Marina and Excursions offers several experiences you will not get anywhere else. Our most popular tour is our Dolphin Encounter Tour which is simply extraordinary. On this tour we will get up close and personal with several pods of dolphins ranging from two in a pod to eight or more. You will not find another tour that will give you this type of experience period. You will be just inches from the dolphins as they follow the boat and put on a show like performance which seems to be orchestrated but is from years of developing a bond with these pods. All dolphin tours are private trips and can take from one to 6 guests.
Naples Fl Dolphin Tours

Dolphin tour in Naples Florida with Naples Marina & Excursions

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Dolphin Tours

Manatee tours are best combined with our nature tour or one of our other excursions for the simple fact they are much harder to find. It is best to search for the manatee I the summer months when it is mating season and the water is warm since they are a warm blooded mammal and typically leave our waters in the winter months in search of warmer water and fresh water to drink. Ask about our manatee kayak tours, which is the best experience and a perfect way to get right next to a manatee.

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Naples & Fort Myers Beach Manatee Tours

Rates for Private Tours (Sight-seeing) up to 6 passengers

Eco Tour, Sightseeing, Vanderbilt or Bonita Homes Tour 1.5hrs $225 2hrs $275 3hrs $375

Dolphin Excursions 2hrs $325 2.5hrs $375 3hrs $425

Dolphin/Sunset Tours 2hrs $375 2.5hrs $425 3hr $475

Sunset Cruise 1.5hrs $275 2hrs $350

Combo Trips with any above tour add Shelling, Beach Excursion, Waterside Restaurant drop off & pickup, or combo excursions 3hrs $600 4hrs $700