Summer Camp

Naples Marina & Excursions Youth Summer Camps

Thank you everyone for another excellent turnout for our youth summer camp program. We look forward to an even bigger and better camp season this coming summer. You can look forward to all revamped camps. We will be adding a few new twists to each camp so get ready for summer camp 2017.

We will also need volunteers and experienced camp counselors. For consideration please forward your resume to

Join us for a new experience in summer fun and learning!!!

PADDLE & NATURE CAMP (Monday – Friday / 8am-1pm) All New!
Kayaking anyone? Campers will not only learn proficiency in kayaking and paddleboarding as they paddle the quiet Cocohatchee and back bay waters, they will learn about the intricate web of life that makes these waters their home. *All equipment is provided other than life jackets. Ask about pre orders for equipment packages.

FISHING CAMP (Monday – Friday / 8am-1pm)
Learn from the pros about the ins and outs of fishing the back bays and Gulf of Mexico. We teach many aspects of fishing from land, boat and kayaks. This is new and fresh from the previous years. Also learn fish identification, fishing techniques, and exploring what else shares a fish’s watery world will turn any camper into a budding marine biologist! Fishing rods and cast nets are not included. We have found that for this camp to have a lasting and effective impact on the campers that they learn how to use their equipment properly so they can apply what they learned in camp to everyday life afterwards. * Ask about pre orders for fishing equipment packages.

KAYAK FISHING CAMP (Monday – Friday / 8am-1pm)
This camp is best followed by the paddle camp and fishing camp. We will take the skills learned in those camps and apply it to fishing which this year will be extended to multiple launch sites. *Must complete our paddle and fishing camp to qualify and be able to paddle a single kayak but in some cases we pair up campers in doubles. Fishing gear is not provided but kayaks and materials included. *Ask about pre order offers for fishing equipment packages.

SCUBA DIVE CAMP (Monday – Friday) Times vary daily and will have different drop off locations each day). A schedule will be listed to come on where and when to meet each day. We start each day at 8am and end once that days skills are complete. Typically we are done by 1pm but some days may run a bit longer.
Here at Scuba Camp your camper will learn all the skills to become a certified diver. Discover the beautiful and amazing things that lie beneath the sea. Upon completion of this camp your child can earn their scuba diver, open water or junior open water certification. Mask, fins, snorkel and wetsuit are not included. Students receive a special discount on any and all gear purchases from our shop. *This camp must be pre registered and be done in person by appointment so we can meet each student and find out the best class to put them in based on age, experience, and also requires a medical statement and we will help gear them up for class. It is imperative not to pre purchase any equipment because when scuba diving all gear must be approved by the instructor for safety reasons and to make sure it is scuba and not snorkeling gear.